Offering alternative children's immunisation choice such as single mmr vaccination

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Care Quality Commission registered Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester.

There is only part time reception cover.  Please email all enquiries or to make an appointment to 

Meningitis B Vaccine Bexsero  - Licensed in UK for use for infants from 2 months age. Clinicians fully trained 

Clinic fully compliant - no recommendations for improvements to the service

IFH offer a range of vaccination services that include choices that are not available through the NHS. We have an excellent safety record

All patients have a full consultation at every appointment and access to the aftercare service.  

All vaccines are mercury free.

From 12 months old we offer single vaccines for Measles and Chickenpox.  Due to changes in the manufacture of vaccines the single Rubella and Mumps vaccines are not currently being produced. We can also offer a combined measles and rubella vaccine as an alternative to the combined MMR

From 2 months old we offer many other single dose vaccines and smaller combinations of combined vaccines as an alternative to the combined 5 in 1 and other routine baby vaccinations. A full list can be found in the vaccine section.  

In addition to offering the routine Adult and Child travel vaccines we can also offer vaccination for Hepatitis B, Whooping Cough (specifically for adults travelling to certain countires who now require this booster), Pneumococcal Meningitis, Shingles, Seasonal Flu, ACWY, and Cervical Cancer (HPV).  Many of these vaccines are restricted to certain patient groups and not availalble from NHS providers.